Things To Know & Bring


A lot of you have been to a Mardi Gras Celebration and know what to expect. This is for the first timers. As most of you know, beads are the name of the game at Mardi Gras and flashing your boobs (showing) is the most common method of getting them. If you elect to show for bead you and your partner should be aware of what could happen out there on the Strand. Most police just kind of look away and/or enjoy the site and do not do much about it, as it is very common and doesn’t hurt any on. They do take exception to the showing of genitals (male or female). Most the time they will let you off with a warning, but it’s still a good idea not to do it. There is one action that will put you in jail quicker then you can turn your head, FIGHTING!!! You will go to jail and /or sit in the wagon for fighting weather you start it or not. And, ladies if you elect to show for beads there is a good chance some idiot might grab a boob so both you and your partner should be prepared for this and not let it take you by surprise. I know guys, it can really piss you off for some idiot to do that to your women or friend, but if it does happen, keep your cool and let it slide or report the action to one of the many police officers in the area. Starting a shoving match is not the way to deal with it, that to will land you in jail or the wagon, something as little as a shoving match is considered simple battery.  Just remember that most everyone is there to have fun. Most will be drinking…LOL including us, and alcohol and tempers do not mesh! I know in the Lifestyle we are more tolerant and respectful then most people, and let’s use our heads and keep it that way.



You can park on the road sides around the house unrestricted, I have contacted Galveston Police Dept., and they said that during event seasons they do not routinely issue parking tickets unless you’re parked in a restricted marked “NO PARKING” area or someone has called in a complaint. But, if you choose to park on the road side, you are doing so at your own risk. There is also 2 large Parking Garages near downtown (owner says it fills up at around 7:00pm) and there will be a few Parking Lots around the island. Both of these are $10.00 per day. If you choose to park in the garage or a parking lot we will arrange someone to come pick you up. I might also like to suggest maybe carpooling if you know one or two of the other couples that will be attending.



Smoking inside the house strictly not permitted. Smoking is allowed anywhere out side. Please use furnished buckets & ashtrays and do not throw your butts from the porch, balcony, or on the grounds of the property.


Remember to bring for Your Use

        Hygiene Products (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, ect.)

        Towels... Extra pillows, blanket, ect.

        Food and Drink (meals, snacks, soda, coffee, water, ect.)

        Alcohol (If you intend on drinking)

        Ice Chest (There is are refrigerators, but with 30 ppl you never know if we will need more room for Beer!!)

        Camera (got to get those flashers on the Strand!)

        Toys (Don’t forget your toy bag; you know how much us women love our toys!)

        Oh! And lets not forget about your Mardi Gras Gear (beads, feather boas, masks, ect.) 

There are many grocery stores in the area including a Wal-Mart Super Center, so if you would rather pick stuff up after you get there you have a few choices.

You can get all the Rules and Details about the house by going to the Files page.


A Mardi Gras Celebration Done The Way Only Swingers Can!